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Wifi device is corrupted :( - what to do

About two weeks ago the SCK stopped transmitting data. At first it thought of power loss due to insufficient sun light. But USB connections didn’t help and always one blue LED was constantly on; no blinking blue.
Then I discovered SCK_check and loaded it via Arduino IDE. The results are varying. Sometimes I get on the serial monitor:
Trying to connect.
Firmware version: 0
Error reading version.
Wifi device is corrupted :frowning:
Want to test the EEPROM? (y/n)

And sometimes:
Trying to connect.
Please, turn off the board.

What does that mean? Hardware dead? Reanimation possible? Extra Info: It is an SCK v1.1, Firmware 0.9.0

Regards …Frank

Hi @botanicus, If your WiFly is corrupted you need to re-flash the wifly and this operation needs a special ISP programmer. Please. contact for further details. Sorry for the inconveniences. We look forward to receive your email. All the best.