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WIFI problems - works with battery but not with USB

I’m having some problems with WIFI connectivity. If I power the SDK from battery, everything works just fine, but when I power the module from USB, it flakes out for some reason. I think the Wi-Fi signal is a bit low at my chosen location, but the issue seems weird nevertheless. Does anybody have any experience of attaching an external antenna to the WiFly module, and what’s the max gain for the antenna that can be attached?

Hi @sstormholm,

I had the same problem about a year ago. I’m using an external antenna and U.FL adapter from Adafruit.

I get great range from it when my SCK is powered via USB (normal for my kit), and when it running from battery power.

My SCk is housed in a modified case.

As for the gain, mine has 5dBi of gain. I checked the WiFly"s Datasheet, and it looks like 23.76 dBm is the "Max Allowable Peak Power."
I’m not an RF guy and am not well suited to explain the difference between dBi and dBm.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

SCK 685