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Wind speed data

Does anybody know how i could configure the smart citizen arduino to also collect wind speed/direction data? i’ve researched two possible input devices but am stuck as to how to integrate these into the system.

Any and all help is most welcome.

Links to input devices:

Thank you,


I’ve come close to both these options for the hardware:
From Sparkfun: +
From Adafruit:

As for the integration, I think they can be adde via the I2C, but I’m not one to ask about the programming. I’b be interested in what you come up with.

hi @rohwer @keith_diplock! Thanks a lot for sharing that links. We are also interested in what you come up with. :slight_smile: If you remove the shield you could use one of the analog inputs of the SCK. But if you want to keep the shield attached and add wind speed data to the other parameters, you could use an extra Arduino via I2C bus. Looking forward to hearing from your progress. All the best. :slight_smile:

Hi Keith, I looked into your two links, and I don’t think either would be a great option.

The first link works with the magnetic field detector on your smart phone, so unless you plan on rigging one up to you SCK, this wouldn’t be an option (but it is totally cool, and I just pre-orderd v2.0).

The second link might work if you’re using a USB for a constant power source. The second sensor works only when it is heated, and draws a continuous 25mA, so if you’re using the solar charger, I think it would drain the battery too quickly.

I’m going to try the one from Adafruit. I’ll post my progress and results.