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Data lost from website

My device, 15429, has been transmitting and the data readable for a while now. However, the data I have looked at on the website for the last week is now missing. I know it was there as I’ve been checking temperatures etc. every morning. Specifically the readings between 3.55 on 7th Jan to 5.31pm on 19th Jan have disappeared. Does anyone have any suggestions on where they’ve gone or how to reinstate them.

I think there was an issue with migrating the service which resulted in some data loss. See msg here: 📢 Migration issue


Yes! We are working on it. It will be back in the following days! Keep an eye in 📢 Migration issue

Thanks for the reply and apologies for asking an already answered question, next time I have an issue I’ll take a little time to check for answers first. I hate it when that happens.

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No worries at all! We understand that not seeing the data there is scary…