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Light sensor reads 0

Finally got my SCK up and running.

The light sensor does not seem to be working. Other sensors on the web have values. Anybody have an answer why mine reads 0? It was in a lot of sun today and the temp jumped but still no light reading.



It’s Chris, if you want maybe we can meet up, and we can try and configure the board on my laptop. I’d be interested to see if this work.

Same thing here. Seems a bug. I tried a better PSU and moving SCK 2.1 closer to AP and even a factory reset and reinstall, all to no avail.

We’re looking at this issue, and we’ll write you back soon!

We keep working on the firmware intensively to provide a new software release soon, fixing bugs and adding new features.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure about PM values. I need to take a closer look but compared to two SDS011 sensors mounted neaar the SCK there seems to be factor 10 involved i.c. SCK PM data are a tenfold of these from luftdaten. However, this observation is based on only one or two PM measurements so it is very, very premature.

I have the same issue …