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New API 🤖

Hi everybody!

This is an important announcement regarding our API.

We have been working on some big changes on the data models the Smart Citizen Platform and this will affect the API. Mostly, the changes affect the so-called kit blueprints which is the definition by which the devices are created. We are removing this concept completely, allowing for more flexibility on the devices, in other words, they will not need to follow a specific predefined blueprint anymore.

What to expect?

  • Improvements on the device creation and more flexibility on the type of devices you can have (no longer just what we predefine)
  • Breaking changes on the devices model, which will affect applications that depend on the API


We want to roll this out by the end of March 2024.

Where will it be documented?

Changes will be announced shortly in this thread in the forum, in the developer documentation and on the git repository.

Anyone needing help on the new model, or clarifications, let us know after we fully detail it.

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Hi all,

Here you can find a report of the diffs for the API for the majority of the affected enpoints:

For the world_map endpoint:

For everything else:

:warning: Note that the API endpoint will NOT change to, we have only left it as such on the report for comparison purposes.

The endpoints that will suffer changes are:

The changes will not reflect on a different /v1 endpoint, because we are changing the data model.

Important note: :loudspeaker:

:calendar: The migration is planned for the 18/03/2024.

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Hi everybody!
These changes have now been deployed!

Please, post here if you have any issues!