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No noise detected


I just connect my sck 2.1 with succès.

But i don’t understain why they are no noise data ?

Could you please help me ?

It’s possible that Noise sensor is disabled for some reason. Do not ask why. I just know that it happens as it has happened few times to me when some of the sensors become inactive due to them being disabled by software.
Here is what I posted into different topic: New sensor not posting data to web - #2 by bedinek

There are means available via the USB port to connect your computer and determine status of all of the sensors, you are able to enable or disable them. The documentation tells you how.
Have you done this ?

Thanks for answers,
I allready test by shell the sensors, bellow, the result of command “sensor” >


Temperature (60 sec)
Humidity (60 sec)
Battery (60 sec)
Light (60 sec)
Noise dBA (60 sec)
Barometric pressure (60 sec)
VOC Gas CCS811 (60 sec)
eCO2 Gas CCS811 (60 sec)
PM 1.0 (60 sec)
PM 2.5 (60 sec)
PM 10.0 (60 sec)

Perhaps it’s not the good sensor ?
Thanks for your help

I think perhaps @oscgonfer can help further here.

Sorry all for taking so long to respond. I see the kit is no longer posting, so maybe @cophein_g removed it.

@cophein_g, are you still having issues?

Hello oscgongler,

Thanks for your anwers. I change the kit number, now it’s
I am installing new version off firmware but no noise was detected.
And the command “sensor” write all sensor has enabled.


Could you post the output of sensor here, and a read noise?

Same here: noise reading is 89.9.
My sensor was offline for 1.5 year as it could not be revived remotely after power failure.
Now it is 14374 and the noise level is constant at 89.9.
I updated to firmware.
Can you look into it?

@oscgonfer is offline right now but I am certain he will ask you to post the same data, that is output of sensor and noise obtained via CLI (command line interface).

That is, plug in USB to your pc, open a terminal program such as Arduino ide or TeraTerm etc, connect to the SCK port set to 9600 bps 8n1 and enter the command, as documented

Sorry for delay.

You can see below sensor command >

**PM board Dallas Temperature
**Direct Dallas Temperature
**Ext Temperature
**Ext Humidity
**Temperature BME680
**Humidity BME680
**Battery voltage
**SDcard present
**Noise dBC
**Noise dBZ
**Noise FFT
**Pressure internal temperature
**Gases Board 1A
**Gases Board 1W
**Gases Board 2A
**Gases Board 2W
**Gases Board 3A
**Gases Board 3W
**Gases Board Temperature
**Gases Board Humidity
**Groove ADC
**INA219 Bus voltage
**INA219 Shunt voltage
**INA219 Current
**INA219 Load voltage
**DS18B20 Water temperature
**Atlas Temperature
**Atlas PH
**Atlas Conductivity
**Atlas Specific gravity
**Atlas Dissolved Oxygen
**Atlas DO Saturation
**Soil Moisture
**Soil Temperature
**Ext Range Light
**Ext Range Distance
**Barometric pressure BME680
**VOC Gas BME680
**Ext PM 1.0
**Ext PM 2.5
**Ext PM 10.0
**Ext PN 0.3
**Ext PN 0.5
**Ext PN 1.0
**Ext PN 2.5
**Ext PN 5.0
**Ext PN 10.0
**Ext PM_A 1.0
**Ext PM_A 2.5
**Ext PM_A 10.0
**Ext PN_A 0.3
**Ext PN_A 0.5
**Ext PN_A 1.0
**Ext PN_A 2.5
**Ext PN_A 5.0
**Ext PN_A 10.0
**Ext PM_B 1.0
**Ext PM_B 2.5
**Ext PM_B 10.0
**Ext PN_B 0.3
**Ext PN_B 0.5
**Ext PN_B 1.0
**Ext PN_B 2.5
**Ext PN_B 5.0
**Ext PN_B 10.0
**PN 0.3
**PN 0.5
**PN 1.0
**PN 2.5
**PN 5.0
**PN 10.0
**Groove OLED

**Temperature (60 sec)
**Humidity (60 sec)
**Battery (60 sec)
**Light (60 sec)
**Noise dBA (60 sec)
**Barometric pressure (60 sec)
**VOC Gas CCS811 (60 sec)
**eCO2 Gas CCS811 (60 sec)
**PM 1.0 (60 sec)
**PM 2.5 (60 sec)
**PM 10.0 (60 sec)
**SCK >
**Temperature: 25.99 C
**Humidity: 58.15 %
**Battery: -1 %
**Light: 1289 Lux
**Noise dBA: null dBA
**Barometric pressure: 99.46 kPa
**VOC Gas CCS811: 0.00 ppb
**eCO2 Gas CCS811: 400.00 ppm
**PM 1.0: 8 ug/m3
**PM 2.5: 12 ug/m3
**PM 10.0: 13 ug/m3

and the read noise command

ERROR reading Noise dBA sensor!!!


Please also copy the output of the version command. Plus output of sensor and noise obtained via CLI (command line interface).

Also try to enable Noise DBC and Noise DBZ. Normally they are not used but it helps to diagnose this issue.

It seems obvious, but prima facie its looking like the noise sensor is ‘cactus’. It should not give Null value for the dBA reading. However we should not discount a firmware issue if this happens to be the pre-release firmware version.
Please also post output of the version command.

Result for command version

Hardware Version: 2.1
SAM Hardware ID: 591AA0A050573539382E3120FF162409
SAM version: 0.9.5-a91f850
SAM build date: 2019-08-20T13:25:01Z
ESP MAC address: 4A:3F:DA:9A:4D:6E
ESP version:
ESP build date:

I have the same values for Noise dBZ and Noise dBA

Noise dBA: null dBA
Noise dBC: null dBC
Noise dBZ: null dB


Well “I think” it’s Prima facie a broken noise sensor, but just in case it’s not, you could try a firmware update; making sure to update both Sam and ESP.

By the way I am not completely comfortable with the blank ESP firmware version either. But you have not mentioned any issues with publishing the data via wifi so perhaps that issue too might be fixed with a version upgrade.

Please read through the instructions found in docs section. See if you are comfortable doing it. I suggest not to use the very latest prerelease version only because we do not want to confuse your specific issue with any in the pre release firmware.

If it turns out to be a broken noise sensor then unless you are into board repair on surface mounted components, then you are up for a replacement urban board. I do not know how you get one of those alone (as a spare part).
If you could obtain the bare bones version of the kit it would be better and slightly cheaper but last I saw Seeed studios have no stock.

@oscgonfer @pral2a1

Yes, you right it’s the good diagnostic. The noise sensor is broken :frowning:
I just try whit another sensor board (same data board) and i have noise’s mesures.

Many thanks for your help.

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Thank you for pointers. I cannot find instructions how to get to CLI etc. I reflashed various versions 096. 097, 098. The difference is in what is constant . So I cycled thru the three firmwares above and now the const is 60 dbA.
Total silence that should be below 40dbA is at best 60 dbA.
I wish I could flash firmware 099 but I cannot find it. Finding any firmware is a chore, and finding isntruction how to flash is another.
But I do appreciate what Barcelona U is doing. Keep it up.

Hi @lz.junks

If you happen to have an iPhone 12, the Apple Health app displays Environmental sound levels. Unfortunately it’s not in real time, but might be a useful comparison against the SCK.
Android phone ? It may be a similar sound level meter app can be found in the Store.

Difficult finding the CLI. It’s jargon for command line interface, and in SCK it’s called the Shell.
The very first step to access the command line tool
Begins Here

The instructions are comprehensive.
For diagnosis of your problem, we need to see a dump of the output from Version command and also reading from Sound sensor. You can also enable the Sound DBC and DBZ command (normally, only DBA is turned on) as extra information for comparison. You can cause the CLI to monitor a specific sensor continuously too.
Finally the output from the Sensor command provides a list of all the active/inactive sensors.

See how you go…