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Purchase in Europe

I would like to know why I should buy the kit in China when it has been developed thanks to a European project.
I therefore would like to have a contact in Europe with preference in Belgium, France or Germany.
Best wishes

Welcome on board!

We’re working with Seeed to sell the Kits over their worldwide distributors’ network, particularly in Europe. We also feel awful having to ship stuff from China to Europe one packet at the time!

At the moment you can write Seeed, and they will be able to tell you who’s selling the Kits near you.

Just be careful there.
I am in Adelaide, Australia and Seeed have resellers based in Sydney ~ 1000 km distant. Both of them quote a 14 day lead time before stuff is shipped to me. That means they are not actually stocking stuff but getting it in from either USA or China.
It’s caused by “just in time” approach to distributing, and it limits risk so distributor is not left with slow moving stock as customer needs change over time.

Seeed are the actual manufacturer. They’re located in Shenzhen. If its not the case then the product would cost you 3 x more. As it is the cost of freight adds considerably to the nett cost of stuff you buy from there as its shipped one by one to customers.

Yes, any Seeed distributor can request Seeed for Kits and stock as much units as they want. Seeed has quite a well-developed program for it. It’s just a matter the local community they serve to request the product often enough, I guess.

However, we are happy to contact a specific distributor via Seeed so please, post any requests here

Hey you might be interested in this:

We bought in China though.

By The way, I looked at the Seeed Studios distribution list. Specifically I checked out every logo found under ‘Oceania, Australia.’
A search for ‘Smart Citizen’ on every one of the sites yielded zero results.
I also checked Digi-Key and Mouser global distributors.
Only Mouser listed the Smart Citizen evaluation kit (just the bare bones Digital Board and Sensor Board) and it helpfully indicates " End of Life: Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer."

So, maybe you need to have a quiet word to Seeed about global distribution.