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SCK 2.1 waterproof case, solar panel and extra battery

Hi there!

As many people, I received some months ago a pre-order e-mail form, with a link to a document where some information about the SCK was shown.
At this link I found that there were some extras offered such as a small solar panel, a waterproof case and an extra battery… I would like to get the kit with those extras, otherwise I would not be able to place the kit anywhere :frowning:
I cannot find at the seeedstudio shop those extras… do you plan to offer them later on?

Thanks for your big effort!
I know all this takes time, but it’s a worth and very interesting project, so keep your energy on it!


Thanks for your message.

We are currently working on all the topics you mention, being a small team, things take time

Here you can follow the development of the new enclosure

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Hi! Where is the 3d file for the clips?

Hi @marciszewski

Here are the clips:

We will create a dedicated section on enclosures on the documentation page soon. For the moment feel free to post any issues, questions or ideas here in the forum.

We just updated the docs website with the clips to make them easier to find