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Smart Citizen light webapp

I am working on a side project related to the data visualisation of my kit’s readings. I have one kit I want to follow regularly over the course of the day, and using the SmartCitizen platform proved to be a bit heavy and slow for my usage, since I don’t need the map or access to other kits.

I have create a very simple webapp in which you select a kit by its ID and you then see its readings.

I’d like to share it here, in case other people have the same use case: SC Light

The layout is optimized for mobile, might look a bit strange on a big screen.

Next on my roadmap would be:

  • adding graphs for individual metrics
  • adding support for more than one kit saved with easy navigation between the kits


Looks cool to me!

How do you get it hosted ?

Right now it is hosted in Github Pages. The Kit id saved in localstorage of the browser. There is no backend. If you wanted to host it yourself you could just clone the repo and place it on a server of your choice.

Here is the repo: GitHub - bensventures/smart-citizen-light: Interface to display data from Smart Citizen kits defined by the user

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