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Where to buy SCK 2.0?

An e-mail from the developers said to me that SCK 2.0 would have been on sale at SEED STUDIO in the end of September for 155€.

I could not able to find nothing.

Can someone help me?


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anybody here ?
the project seems very usefull but the forum seems dead…

Hey @aidrini,
I am looking for a SCK as well. Found this website.

However this forum looks dead and I am not even sure we can use the platform anymore, when you filter sensors for online, nothing pops up.
Let me know if you find an answer.

The twitter account seems quite active, but still don’t know where to bu a kit from the UK

this forum seems dead… so the project ;-(

I just signed into this site. Great concept but appears a little slow.

I did as you did and filtered for online kits and got zero but if you filter for online and either indoor or outdoor then quite a few come up.

Unfortunately all those in Australia are offline as we are setting a few temperature records today.


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If you filter for both online and either indoor or outdoor you can see some. See my comment below.

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Hello everyone,

the SCK 2.1 is finally available to pre-order at SEED.

Shipping will start mid March

Thank you all for the interest :partying_face:

Hi pral2a,

We noticed, and some of us got the announcement for pre-ordering. Nice to see a new version coming available soon!

There are some questions regarding specifications, the sensors it has, etc, specifically compared to the (never released?) 2.0 version. See Smart Citizen kit 2.1!
Can you shed some light on this?

Also, what is the actual relation between the Smart Citizen project (this website and forum) and Seeedstudio?
It is a bit unclear who is in the lead here.
So far I was assuming the project (here/ was in the lead and would determine with seeedstudio what/when/how, but given that the current information seems to work the other way around the entire organisation is a bit of a mysterie to me.
It would be good to understand how the actual design proces is working, how this leads to products available (made? Sold? designed ?) by/with Seeed, and who decides what. Thanks for any clarification.



Hi guys,

Has anyone received their kits from SeeedStudios, I placed an pre-order in Jan for a March delivery, this was then pushed back to 10th April, then the 20th and now it seems 1st March is the delivery date.

I am getting a little worried that the 2.1 kit is not really coming.

Hi everyone,

We set a too optimistic deadline with SEEED last January. The Kits will be shipping in no longer than two weeks.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your enthusiasts!

Here the first unit of the 2.1 batch :partying_face:


Three weeks ago you said that the kits will be shipped within 2 weeks. I still have not recieved anything, and SeeedStudio page shows that its out of stock, and not shipped.

Any updates when the kits will be shipped?

Hi Edvardas,

We just received confirmation from SEEED production is going and will be finished by the end of the week. Shipping should start the latest next week.

Thanks for your interest

Yes, I like to know also. Nothing happened yet. Is there someone out there who can shed light on progress, if any?

Seriously, this lack of information on an ETA is a bit of a non sense.
Keep us posted please.

I pre-ordered the kit at the beggining of the year, nothing arrived. My seed order said confirmed before switching to PreOrder - Delivery will be made by the latest Availability Date. I’m surprised that I did not get it in the first batch since I ordered it quite early. Any news on the next batch? It would be nice to know.

So the kits are shipping? Mine too? When will it arrive in Belgium? Thank you for your reliable and very informative messages.

“* Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.”

Yes, of course but we need an ‘idea’ of an ETA to different countries.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your interest!

Seeed just updated us about the shipping status.

So far they shipped a total of 123 Kits, and today they will send 40 Kits more.

Kits shipping via DHL takes 2-3 days while EMS (standard postal service) can take up to 30 days.

We hope this helps!

Thank you. I asked Seed for a status and they responded with a working tracking number. So, the waiting game begins, some 30 days …