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Where to buy SCK 2.0?

Hi @pral2a,
thx, the url is


Same thing here: light value always reads 0. Tried a new PSU and moving closer to AP and even a complete reinstall after factory reset. This has to be addressed as it seems a genuine bug.

kit sits here:

Hi @jgysenbergs

So you can confirm the PSU has no effect on the light, right?

We’ll work with @victor on it on the next few days!

Thank you

Yes indeed, I tried several PSUs but no luck.

Yesterday, light values came back after a factory reset and reinstall but today they were at 0 value again. I just did a (normal) reset but no luck.

Weird, light data are back now! This is a nasty one because error appears intermittent.

I was wondering if any one has put a multimeter across the light sensor to see if the values from the hardware match the results we are seeing. This might then point to the where the problem lies. I would but I havent seen mine since reorganising my shed!!

Hi @smartcitizen1,

Excellent comment!

However, the light sensor is a digital I2C sensor, so it’s not easy to test as an analog one.

We’ll write back soon with more info!

ah, ok … goes off mumbling about how it was easy everything was when it was analogue!


Oh great,
this is going downhill.
Has anyone recieved thier smartcitizen kit shipped via sz post?
Seeed wrote that it handed it to shipper on the 05-30, and gave bpost tracking number, which always showed that awaiting package. And today (06-25, 26 days after shipping) they send urgent delivery issue.

We are informed by the logistics department that your parcel was returned again. It might because it contains battery so it cannot be shipped to LITHUANIA via SZ post.
We can re-send it vai Fedex, and the addtiontal shipping fees will be 52USD, If you want to upgrade the shipping method to FEDEX, please refer to the below link and order 52 pcs and reply us with the new order number:
order url
Or we can take the battery out of the package and try to re-send it via SZ post.
Please let us know which option is better for you, and we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible.
Looking forward to your reply!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks.
Best Regards!
Seeed Bazaar Customer Support Team

“…parcel was returned again” - i was not informed about that the package was returned first time.

If they can’t send it thru normal post, they should not give such a shipping option.So they want to pay 52 usd (almost extra 50% of the kits price), or they will take out and KEEP the battery i paid for (no mention at least partial refund).

Email 5 days before the deadline of the delivery, trying to veasel out?

And read local post regulations regarding lithium batteries in packages (including international sending). Packages need to be sturdy, bateries should be inside the device, device should not be moving inside of the package, batteries should not be damaged/recycled.

Thinking what to do?

And knowing my luck with Fedex and ups, it will get stuck in customs, with all the taxes and custom service taxes that will be additional 50 euros. kit for 120 usd, special shipping (because it was returned, without appearing in europe) 50 euros, highly probable fedex taxes and custom services another 50 euros and we have 200 euros.

Hello everyone,

We are sorry for all those issues with customs, they are typical when you buy products from China and every year they are getting more and more strict.

You can read more about on the Seeed Studio website:

However, if you have any questions you can always reach Seeed at:

Bazaar Order, shipping, payment, website questions?
Email to
Customer Service Hours: 09:30 PM- 05:30 AM EST Sunday - Thursday

Whoop new firmware has fixed lux and temp issues.


Happy to share that I received my smart citizen kit (after having to repay delivery charges following unsuccessful delivery with no notice) and installed it very easily. Congrats to the team for the really well made product and the smooth onboarding, I am still in shock on how easy an experience this was.

You can find the sensor here:

@pral2a I am curious if it pushes directly the pm data to service like luftdaten?

At the moment my enclosure is still a work in progress, so it will probably disconnect at some point.
Do you have any recommendation concerning solar-powered battery for it?

Thanks a lot!

I ordered the smart citizens kit last week from seeedstudio. Now they emailed me that availability date is delayed due to unexpected reasons. Do you know of any difficulties with the kit?



Welcome to the forum!

There was an issue with the test procedure Seeed performs to all the Kits before shipping them. We fixed the issue yesterday, and today they are testing them. They will start shipping them in the next few days.

Here you can see the software commit that fixes the issue:

Good to hear it was not serious.
Looking forward receiving the kits.


Hi Guillaume,

have you already had some answers on your question if Luftdaten can be used?
Normally, Luftdaten uses the Nova SDS011sensor for their PM data and ID registration, but as you were wondering as well, is the SCK PM sensor of Plantower PMS5003 allowed to send its data to Luftdata too?

The same question you asked about the solar-powered battery. Any answers on this one? We also would like to run our SCK autonomously. FabLabBCN was working on a new solar panel design, but is it out already?

Tnx for replying.

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Hi Wim,

I have not had an answer yet :frowning: .
Please, let me know if you make any progress on those issues.

Have a good day,

I resolved the first question already myself by looking it up in the Github of Luftdaten and look what I found:

So it seems they accept the PMS5003 from Plantower.
Once I receive the SCK 2.1, I will try to send the PM data to their platform. I will let you know if it works.

On the other hand, about autonomously running the SCK2.1, I have to investigate further.

Have a nice day.


Do you have any update on this? I would love to send my data to