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Noise sensor always on 99dB

Hi there,

I’ve just launched my kit some weeks ago and I’ve noticed that it’s been stuck at 99dB, although I’ve changed its location to check if this would vary.

Also, barometric pressure doesn’t seem to change much.

Light is at 0 lux despite we are now at daylight.

Could my kit be broken?

Thanks a lot,


Dear @doktorkampi,

Thanks for posting! I’ll try to answer step by step:

We have had this issue with some devices exposed to high humidity conditions, and in other cases, with a hardware problem. In the first case, the microphone comes back to life after a little while, but not in the second. So if it persists, the best is to email for hardware problems

This one won’t change much, since the normal atmospheric pressure is always around 101kPa next to sea level, except when there’s a storm coming or a heat wave. Generally, lower barometric pressures indicate a storm, and the opposite for the heat.

Regarding this, there is a firmware issue that has been fixed as explained here.

Dear @oscgonfer,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I will ask the Seeed support team, as the problem persists despite the humidity variations during the last weeks.

As for the barometric pressure, thanks for the info.

Regarding the light sensor and the firmware, I read the post but I didn’t get if the firmware update is going to be automatic or should I be the one to update it. It clearly still not working for me (now it’s night-time and the sensor indicates 2k lux).

Again, thanks for your help.



OK, let us know if we can be of any help.

You have to perform the firmware update. This is quite simple and documented in the post here or in the docs. Let us know if you have any issue.