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Sam 0.9.8 - esp 0.9.3


It has been a few months now since the prerelase of SAM 0.9.8 and ESP 0.9.3 was released. When can we expect a stable release?

I would like to get my PV-powered sensor ready for spring and equip it with the latest firmware.

Thanks for your work!


Yes, it’s coming, we are working on quite a few things on parallel that bring some issues to the table, but it’ll be here in some weeks potentially. This is:

  • Flash memory stability (for backup storage in case of lack of network or sd card corruption)
  • Dynamic recording, including GPS location for bicycles.
  • Improvements in sleep mode when moving
  • Improvement in mqtt packet sizes
  • Better detection of sensors in both Urban (potentially failure in the i2c bus) and aux port
  • Implementation of other aux sensors - CO2, and improvements on the OLED
  • Potential updates of the Arduino Core (quite an important leap in the latest versions)

We can’t give an estimate of when this will be done, but will come soon, hopefully end of the month?


Hi @oscgonfer,

I was hoping to see some remedy for the noise sensor interval…

Noise sensor interval.

By the way I’ve been using 0.9.8 pre on 6 devices out there since the beginning of november. Works like a charm.


Hi @Bron,

As far as I know, and maybe @victor can confirm this, the fastest we can sample sensors is now 5s (stored in the sdcard and sent to the platform). I think that at the moment, it’s the lowest we can go (for data storage and stability), but again, maybe @victor can confirm.

Is 5s enough?

config -readint 5 


Hi @oscgonfer,

Hmm, specifically the acoustic scientists supporting us, spoke of 1s as an interval where you do not miss essential events. 5s is better then 60s I think. I will try this in my test device. As far as I remember the device was not accepting input lower then 60 in the console.



Yes, you should compile the latest version of the firmware to be able to do so. I am not sure when you last tried, but I am sure the firmware changed since.

Let us know if you need help on the update.

@oscgonfer Aha… compile… :slight_smile:

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Any news from the to-be-released firmware? After the winter, I want to put my sensors outdoor again…

Any eastern news? its hard for me to connect my laptop once if installed the kit outside…

Coming very soon… :drum:

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In case someone missed it: New Firmware release 0.9.8

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